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tree shear TS16 treerex

Cuts tree and branches
up to 16” in diameter

Our TS-16 Treerex model tree shear is our most popular model. Its single blade design allows for better control and quality of cut, and the rotation feature allows easy angle cuts and movement of fallen trees. The lip and single blade design will always cause tree to fall to the right. Cuts tree and branches up to 16” in diameter.

advantage #1

- Sturdy TS-16 Treerex model 6“ hydraulic cylinder

advantage #2

- Teflon plate allows for a perfect cut, eliminating scuffing

advantage #3

- Low profile allows to cut trees at ground level

advantage #4

- 0 to 110 degrees rotation

advantage #5

- Available with SKID STEER integrated back plate or UNIVERSAL model for use with quick attachments


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