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Land Leveler SLN G4

300 HP and more

The SLN series land leveler is our largest model, which comes equipped with used truck tires, lights and left articulated tandem. This leveler is part the patented G4 High Speed Leveling line, which can level at speeds up to 16 mph (25 km/h) with unmatched stability. Available in widths from 16’ to 24’ – 57” high. Recommended for tractor of 300+ HP.

advantage #1

- On special terrains, the optional SLN scarifying teeth increase efficiency by breaking the soil

advantage #2

- Optional Transport Kit for SLN models of 18’ or more

advantage #3

- Available post option for GPS or LASER system on all SLN levelers

advantage #4

- Double articulated SLN tandems on request


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